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Muelle Uno

Muelle Uno in Malaga

Muelle Uno is one of the favourite places for both tourists and residents of Malaga. In this post we are going to explain to you what the clue to its charm is.

This part of Malaga’s Harbour, which is one of the most important harbours in Spain. Has been renewed to become an important catering and leisure zone for this city. This pier relies on a great gathering of restaurants of all kinds, so that whatever it is the kind of food you feel like eating in that moment, you can find it there. You can find gourmet restaurants such as José Carlos García or Gorki; fast food restaurants such as Burger King, KFC or The Good Burger. And food from other countries such as Amigos (Mexican and Hindu), Saloniki (Greek), Angus (Argentinian), La Tagliatella or Mamma Mia (Italian), Buddha Brasserie (Indian and Thai)…Even more, you can find ice-cream shops such as Cónico or Häagen Dazs, yogurt shops such as Llaollao and coffee shops, such as Small Café, Dunkin Coffee and Atlantis.

One of the favourite activities for its visitors is taking a walk by the sea while enjoying Costa del Sol’s good weather and the amazing views it offers, which is why it is also a very famous place for photo essays. If you visit Muelle Uno you cannot miss a walk through El Palmeral. With lots of parks for the youngest ones and benches for resting and enjoying the atmosphere.

Muelle uno

Centre Pompidou and The Artsenal

If you are looking for a more cultural visit. You can go to the new Pompidou Centre without leaving Muelle Uno. Or you can take a look at the temporary art exhibitions displayed along El Palmeral and in El Artsenal. Pompidou Centre opens from Wednesday to Monday from 09:30 AM to 08:00 PM (holidays included). Except for the 1st of January and the 25th of December and you can purchase your general admission ticket for 9€ or your reduced ticket for 5,50€. El Artsenal is an area in Muelle Uno dedicated to culture and art. Where they display photography, picture and sculpture exhibitions and celebrate concerts and poetry sessions. Another winning aspect of this place is its location, between the beach and Malaga’s centre, becoming a transit point wherever you go.

Rental Car Planet suggested Route

From Rental Car Planet we suggest the following plan. You can go to Muelle Uno in one of our rental cars and arrive without a problem requesting one of our GPS devices available. You can park in Muelle Uno’s underground car park, open every day 24h. It is composed of two underground garages. One of them is accessible from Paseo de los Curas and has three available floors; the other one is accessible from Paseo de la Farola and has one floor. The rates are around 2, 15€ per hour. Or you can park in another car park among the many available in Malaga’s centre.

Enjoy the sun and the good weather by taking a walk through El Palmeral and take amazing pictures to show off in your Facebook page. Go shopping in the many shops of Muelle Uno. You can find clothing shops such as Lacoste or Baily, cosmetics shops such as Kiko and Primor, shoe shops such as Deichmann and FC&Co, etc. You will not have to bear the weight of the bags all day. Instead you just have to put them in the boot of your rental car.

Choose between the various restaurants you will find there while you enjoy the sea breeze and Malaga’s views; visit the exhibitions in Pompidou Centre and finish the day in the city centre.